Carnival of Aces Roundup, March 2021: Dreams

Hey all! A quick roundup of posts submitted for this month’s Carnival of Aces (whose call for submissions you is linked here). I’ve pasted excerpts below each–do check them out if they catch your eye! (I’m digging how they take different perspectives on the concept of dreams!)

Find the Carnival of Aces masterpost here for more info on it. I’m also hosting the Carnival of Aros this month–see the call for submissions post here, if you’d like! April’s theme is self-care, self-love, and aromanticism.

“An Asexual Perspective on Sex Dreams” / Kierha

“According to AVEN, the majority of asexual people do not have sex dreams in the traditional sense, or only very rarely. However, some do report sexual themes appearing in their dreams in other ways.

“I fall into the latter category, having experienced more indirect encounters. Though in my case, I would probably consider them to be nightmares.”

“Only Impossible Things” / Em

“I still love them, in spite of everything, even though it would probably be easier if I didn’t. I love them more than I love literally every other human on the planet. The spaces that you’re supposed to fill with romantic relationships or strong platonic ones? My family fills those spaces. They always have. They do even now.

“Maybe that’s weird, but that’s the way I am, and that’s where we get to the subject of impossible dreams. I don’t want to have to choose between being true to myself and my family. I want to have both, but I know that’s impossible.”

“Ace Daydreams” / CharCharChar

[This submission is also recorded, if you’d like to listen to it!]

“[W]hat do I want for myself?

“Do I want a person to sleep next to in bed? To lean against on the couch? To confide my emotional pain in? To split the chores with? To ask ‘how was your day’? To inform for the hundredth time how adorable my cat is? To take with me to family gatherings?

“I don’t know. 

“Enjoying a daydream is a very shaky error-ridden blueprint for what would be enjoyed in reality.”

painting / cpb

My own submission, lol, but here’s the description I posted alongside it: “never did a painting as a carnival post, but I think I might try to do them more from now on – this one’s messy lol, but drawn recalling my feeling being in dreams that seem sexual but not in a really human-bodily way – either I’m a humanoid form surrounded by abstract forms that press in on me, or I myself am an abstract, cloudy being touched by more humanoid figures – no skin on skin contact, just a lot of pressure and thought and emotion, if those sound different enough – here, messy as this kind of is, thinking about lying on my stomach and getting a back massage from whatever forces are moving around in my dream lol”

April’s Carnival

Demisexual and Proud is hosting April’s carnival, and you can find their call for subs here! The topic is “Queering, Or Acing, a New Normal.” An excerpt from that post (to finish off this one):

“I wanted to take this month, at the start of the rush to open society back up, to take stock of where we may want to go. We have lived in strange times, which may have brought new experiences, or led your mind down odd paths, things for which you may not even have words, they are so… out there, other. Queer, one might say.

“The asexual community contains a wide variety of lives and experiences, generates more new words for new experiences than I’ve ever seen. So, how has your unique perspective impacted you in the darkest year of our lifetime, and what does it mean for the life you mean to live?”

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