Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions, March 2021

Hey all! I’m hosting the Carnival of Aces again this month! For more information on this project (or to volunteer to host it), see its masterpost on The Asexual AgendaIn short: I’ll propose a prompt for conversation, and those interested in responding to it can do so. At the end of the month, I’ll put together a post that links to everything submitted. Submissions can be anything I can link to in a blog like this one: other blog posts, images, videos, creative writing, music/sound files, etc. Comment below with links to what you’d like to submit, or email me at (If you’d like me to post your response for you–whether because you’d like it to be anonymous or for another reason–email me your submission, and I can post it here.) Finally–if you’re a Twitter person, feel free to retweet or respond to this call for subs here.

You can find last month’s carnival call for subs here, and its roundup here. The topic was “comparing ace spaces”!


Did I come up with this month’s prompt while sitting in my bathroom, journal in my lap? No one can prove it! There’ve been enough monthly carnival topics that I always feel like I’ll never be able to think of a new one, but somehow they happen! Posting this on the 2nd of March as it’s been a fairly rough week and a half (which, hopefully, will start looking up in a bit).

My topic idea for this week: dreams! I’ve been talking about them with a few people this month: weird ones that are actually quite nice, terrible nightmares, nightmares that objectively terrible but not as frightening as they could be, etc. The word recalls both unintentional scenes experienced during sleep or much more intentional goals crafted during waking hours. In regards to my ace identity: when I’m awake, I dream that more of my family would one day just get my asexuality; when I’m asleep, I dream about being in intimate relationships or moments that I think I only like because they’re not real, they’re brief, and they don’t feel so physical or embodied. Dreams can be feel very achievable or very impossible, or they can actually be impossible, paradoxical, unachievable.

Below are a few questions and prompts to get you started, if you’d like. Alternatively: I just made an online voice message box whose free version lets people leave messages up to 90 seconds. If you’d like, leave a message here, and I’ll compile those messages into a video/audio file to share at the end of the month! (Maybe a collage type of thing?)

Questions, prompts, and ideas (if you’d like)

  • What dreams do you have that are goals, achievable or not, or for yourself/others/the ace community?
  • Are your dreams ever ace-related? Or, do you ever connect the content of your dreams to your ace identity?
  • What’s something you dream of that’s impossible, or impossible for you/others/the ace community right now?
  • Try keeping a short dream journal and write a few words down every time you remind a dream you’ve had.
  • Compose a creative work (writing, drawing, collage, etc.) that depicts some aspect of your ace identity or experiences in a dreamy or surreal kind of way.
  • Leave a voice message about a dream you had/have here.

Hope you’re all doing well!

7 thoughts on “Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions, March 2021

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