“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”

constance bougie is an undergraduate English major with focuses in creative writing and asexuality studies. They will be attending the University of Missouri as a graduate student this fall! They have previously published poems and short stories in (A)gender: An Anthology, Polemical Zine, and A Velvet Giant, and have work upcoming in The Bastard’s Review and The Asexual. They also edit the lit mag Wilde Boy. Follow them on Twitter @5tephendeadalu5.

“’The Manifestation of Romance in a Bottle’” has a fairy tale feel, underscoring the idea that happily ever after belongs to all genders and sexualities, and that it doesn’t need to hinge on sexual or romantic love, or marriage. It’s a sweet story, focusing on friendship, which is often overlooked in favor of sex and romance in fiction. Even better, the story features multiple friendships, and [b]ougie does an excellent job of infusing the story’s world with a sense of magic.”

A.C. Wise

Recent publications:

Upcoming publications:

  • “<3,” “At the Cemetery,” and “W” in The Bastard’s Review, spring 2019.
  • “An Asexuality Deferred: Langston Hughes as a Queer Figure” in an anthology by The Asexual journal, 2019.

Upcoming readings:

  • The Bastard’s Review Release Event, May 2019.