“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”

Constance Bougie has their bachelor’s in English with focuses in creative writing and LGBTQ+ studies. They are currently a graduate instructor at the University of Missouri at Columbia with focuses in Modernist literatures and asexuality studies.

When they were in high school, Constance had a prose piece published on Creepypasta.com, mostly so they could impress a boy–it can be found here, and has been described by the Internet as “decent,” “[a]ctually pretty well done,” not “very good,” and “0/10” due to “inconsistencies and lack of believability.” This is likely their most widely-read work, a fact they don’t particularly mind.

Their honors thesis on reading James Joyce’s Ulysses is an anthology of critical and personal essays, poetry, drama, images, and fiction that can be read online here.

“’The Manifestation of Romance in a Bottle’” has a fairy tale feel, underscoring the idea that happily ever after belongs to all genders and sexualities, and that it doesn’t need to hinge on sexual or romantic love, or marriage. It’s a sweet story, focusing on friendship, which is often overlooked in favor of sex and romance in fiction. Even better, the story features multiple friendships, and Bougie does an excellent job of infusing the story’s world with a sense of magic.”

A.C. Wise

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  • “Pink Gauze, Cold Spirits: Asexual Criticism and Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway” in Oshkosh Scholar, vol. 14, spring 2020.